Leverage the Power of Incentivized Marketing

Airloyal launched the Ladooo rewards platform in Feb 2014 and has since seen thousands of users discovering and engaging with new apps every day. ladooo Installs is a way for app developers to leverage that engagement and grow your user acquisition.

What is Ladooo?

Ladooo is a disruptive mobile advertising platform that offers consumers rewards for discovering, installing and engaging with apps. Consumers then use these rewards to top-up prepaid mobile or DTH recharge.

By disrupting mobile advertising beyond banners and pop-ups, Ladooo engages the customer like never before to actually interact with advertising and get a share of the advertising spend, creating a win-win proposition for advertisers and users.

Will incentivized marketing help me get quality users?

This is the most prevalent question among the advertisers in the mobile advertising industry and we have an answer for it. Typically, an incentivized platform pulls the traction by rewarding the users and hence is considered to be substandard. Here lies the distinction between other mobile app advertising platforms and Ladooo installs. We, through our platform, pitch your product to the most relevant audience; based on plethora of potential targeting factors like age, interest, gender, geography, so on and so forth. Thus, unlike other mobile advertising companies, we offer you quantity and quality as well.

How expensive is it?

When you own an app, you have two questions on your mind. One is “What are the ways to increase my app installs?” and the other one is “How can I do it by sustaining it in line with my budget?” Well, you’ve landed at the right place then. Ladooo installs enables you to run mobile app install ads, at a much lower cost, than you pay for a Facebook or Google app install ad, fetching you more number of app installs without compromising on quality.

So, what are you waiting for? Try India’s only targeted app install ad platform now and skyrocket your app installs.

How Does It Work?

It's simple. No more complexities of massive marketing campaigns across various channels and managing multiple ad spends.

4 Simple Steps


Setup Campaign

  • Choose from a variety of targeting parameters like location, demographic data and timing of your campaign
  • Set a target for your downloads
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Campaign Runs on Ladooo

  • The campaign begins on Ladooo and users discover your apps
  • See the downloads ticking as soon as your campaign begins
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Manage Campaign

  • Need to pause the campaign or align it with other marketing initiatives? No problem. Easily manage when you start, pause or stop your campaigns.
  • Have multiple apps? Allocate your spends wisely across your apps and decide which app needs to be promoted when.
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View Reports

  • Keep a tab on your downloads and campaign performance through our simple, yet effective reports.
  • Get consolidated reports with comprehensive statistics of your app installs to plan your next campaign.
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